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Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Party Committee Ying Daiming and his party visited our company



On March 28, the provincial party committee deputy secretary-general should be the fourth work of the Dabie Mountain revolutionary old area economic and social development pilot area with more than 200 people in Hong'an County, accompanied by Tian Shenghui, county mayor to visit our company.

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The company's Wuhan headquarters opened today

At 8:18 on July 13, 2022, Zhang Mingyou, the chairman of the company, led the company's senior management and some employees to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of the headquarters in East-West Lake District, Wuhan City.



The company held 2022 New Year annual meeting and 2021 commendation meeting

Speech by Mr. Zhang Mingyou, Chairman of the Company;Exciting performances at the annual meeting;2021 Advanced Individual Recognition



The 1ST HILANS Running Race

The 1st HILANS running race, including 800m  race and 8x100 relay, was held on December 31, the last day of Y2021.